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About Us

The team at Auscare Victoria pride ourselves on our core values. Inclusiveness, respect, integrity and quality support are the foundations on which we are built. We keep these values true to every service we provide and every client we deal with. Our vision is for all people living with disabilities to have the support, choice and control that they want and need in their daily lives.


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Our Mission

At Auscare Victoria, our fundamental mission is to provide quality support and care to people with disabilities within a safe environment. We are firm believers in people with disabilities having the power to choose and we provide a tailored service which supports our clients with their individual needs. Our skilled team aim to constantly extend their knowledge to provide the highest possible care and advisement to our clients.

Our Vision

Auscare Victoria’s vision is for all people living with disabilities to have the support they require to be empowered within their lives. We envision a diverse community where those with disabilities are able to choose and control important daily elements such as the providers that they visit. We work towards this through overcoming challenges to create sustainable and long standing resolutions to support disabilities. Honesty and respect are important elements of this vision and we uphold these with all our clients at all times.

Our Values

Auscare Victoria is built upon a foundation of core values. These core values inform all the procedures and interactions that we perform on a regular basis. We are proud of our culture which honours these values throughout our practice.

Inclusiveness: We aim for all people with disabilities to feel supported and confident within their community

Respect: We value every person and their contributions without exception

Integrity: We take accountability for our actions and will always perform to the highest standard

Quality support: Our skilled team provide the highest quality support available

Diversity: At Auscare we believe our differences enrich us so we accept everyone with open arms.

Meet Our Team

Nurhan Yilmaz


Nurhan Yilmaz was born in Australia in 1972 and has been a part of the Hume region community from the age of five, where she completed her education, commenced her married life and raised as well as educated her sons. With a strong base in this community Nurhan embodies pride in her Turkish cultural background and enjoys living in the diverse multicultural community that Hume presents.

Nurhan is passionate about making a difference to the community and providing supports to better the lives of people within these areas. Nurhan incorporates a range of skills that she has developed with over twenty years working in the private corporate sector. Her experience in account/sales managing for major companies, liaising with executive officials and providing customer service equips the team at Auscare Victoria with the professional edge that is required when dealing with client plan management and coordinations of service teams. She strives to work with integrity, inclusiveness, and respect to provide quality support and give back to a community that is extremely close to her heart. It is with these attributes that Nurhan directs Auscare Victoria.

Meryem Aslan


Meryem was born in Melbourne in 1978 and grew up within the Hume region. Meryem comes from a Turkish background of hardworking parents who take pride in their Australian citizenship. In 2007 Meryem’s mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease which is a neurological disorder that affects the body in many ways. She and her family have watched and supported as her mother has deteriorated from an independent and capable woman to a dependent woman in the advanced stages of her illness. In her words, “Parkinson’s makes you a prisoner within your own body” and she empathises with all people within this position.

As a result of this background, Meryem’s passion for helping people was developed. Her experience has made her closer to people seeking help as she understands how truly important a reliable and professional support team can be to making a world of difference. Meryem hopes to direct those within the Hume community to feel supported and relieved by the professionals that Auscare Victoria includes in their support network.

Akkiz Dursun


Akkiz migrated to Australia from Turkey in 1989, however her disability support journey began before that transition. While living in Turkey she spent ten years as the sole carer for her uncle who did not have the ability to hear or speak. She cared for him on her own and understands the requirements that being a full time adult carer includes. After moving to Australia Akkiz lived with her in laws and supported her sister-in-law who suffers from intellectual and physical disability as a result of a tragic car accident she was in when she was four. She is still very involved with this care currently.

Her background as a carer encouraged her to further her knowledge and Akkiz successfully completed a Diploma in Early Childcare Education which has enabled her to work under the National Daycare Scheme over the past three years. In this role she has supported children with autism spectrum disorder, downs syndrome as well as ADHD. Akkiz has dedicated her life to helping those with disabilities and hopes that as a director at Auscare Victoria she can continue this support.