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Our team is able to organise assistance with household tasks on a daily basis. Meal preparation, house maintenance, general cleaning, laundry and even yard care are tasks that can be challenging for our clients to undertake. When providing assistance in these tasks we assure individual preferences are maintained.

We understand the importance of punctuality when seeking health care or following your daily routine. Your independent travel arrangements make sure that you are where you need to be when you need to be there. We support our clients with their personal travel arrangements to continue their community participation without disruption.

Group centre activities are an enjoyable way to have fulfilling experiences and participate in your community. We are able to assist our clients in these programs which are great social and recreational opportunities. Our team also has access to a range of recommendations tailored for you and can point you in the right direction to enhance your lifestyle.

The support workers at Auscare are able to work in a variety of situations depending on the needs of the individual. From supervising and lightly assisting in daily tasks through to complex support, our clients are able to maintain the degree of independence they desire in a safe environment. We are able to provide this personal care inside or outside of the home. Our staff are highly experienced and skilled with qualifications to apply where needed.

Auscare is based in the Hume region and we are proud of our diverse multicultural community. We recognize that when accessing your NDIS providers there are moments when you require an interpreter. Auscare has quality and experienced interpreters from many linguistic backgrounds on hand. Please contact us if you require more information regarding the languages they can assist you with. Our interpreters are there to make your NDIS experience easy.

Support coordination is a capacity building support that focuses on supporting participants and assisting them in achieving the goals set out in their NDIS plan and strengthening and enhancing their capacity.

Our role as a Support Coordinator is to compliment our clients life and help put their NDIS plan into action.

A Support Coordinator’s role includes, but not limited to:

  • Supporting participants to understand their NDIS plan
  • Strengthening and enhancing participants capacity and resilience
  • Assisting participants to access the NDIS portal so they can monitor how funds are being spent
  • Establishing supports including making referrals to service providers and linking to mainstream and/or community services
  • Managing those resources effectively to get the best outcome
  • Working with other people in the participants circle of support (family, friends, service providers, therapists and community and mainstream supports such as doctors) to meet the goals in the participants unique NDIS plan
  • Monitoring participants progress and any outcomes
  • Providing the NDIA with reports and specific goals, outcomes, and success indicators within the agreed reporting frequency
  • Pre-planning and support for next review meeting

Auscare’s mission is to ensure that our clients live with choice and control over their individual lifestyles.

As a part of this we recognise that our clients, and in some cases their carers, require additional support and training to increase their skills.

We specialise in skill development and training to increase independence and public transport training.

These skills provide individuals and carers with the tools they need to achieve tasks that arise in daily living as autonomously as possible.

We provide this support to increase skills as we work towards our vision of each client having control of their own life.

The team at Auscare is dedicated to assisting our clients to make sure that their lives are as enriching as possible. Most often this means taking out the complex requirements of coordinating funding for the supports that are being utilised. Auscare is based on values of integrity, respect, quality support and inclusiveness. It is with these values in mind that we work with you to best manage your plan to suit your individual needs. Our team is trustworthy, knowledgeable and efficient. Once your plan is in our care, we will manage all the small details to a high standard.

Being an active member of the community is a great way to stay focused, achieve personal goals and meet new people to connect with. Socialising enhances mental health and has a positive effect of one’s health and wellbeing.

We are able to connect our clients to the services they need to actively participate in the community. Including both social and civic activities, we are able to support participants during these activities.

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